The new website finally launched!

It’s been a wild ride, but I finally managed to cancel my old website and build this new one. One might ask “But why did you make a new one? The old one was fine!” and I agree, the old website looked good, and it had all the basic things I needed.

The Why

To understand why I made a new site although being happy with the old one, a bit moire explaining needs to be done.

Pretty much exactly a year ago, I decided to make my first own homepage. It was a spontaneous thought, I had no real need for it, nor did that website have a lot of use for me. It was just this imagination of my surname dot com being a thing that had me spend quite a sum of money on a domain and a web hosting service. For about ten months, that website was working fine, and I thought I’d stay with that web hosting service for a few years.

What I didn’t expect though, was that the service would charge me two months early. And double the price. And then send a second bill which was triple the price.

So not only was I billed two months early, which wouldn’t be that much of a problem, but in total the billed amount was actually five (5!) times the amount I should have been paying. I luckily managed to get a full refund of both bills, but for me, that was reason enough to switch services.

The negative side of things

Sadly switching providers meant that I couldn’t just take the old site with me. No matter what, I had to start from scratch. That meant I had to invest a lot of time, once again.

Given that I had to start over no matter what, I decided that I’d do it right this time. No “free website builder,” no pre-made themes, and no ready-to-go website kits. Just me, my basic HTML and CSS knowledge, and many online tutorials. To be fair, I did use WordPress as a base to be able to use the WooCommerce store to sell my books and merchandise, but I still coded most of the things myself.

The positive side of things

Nevertheless, all of that led to a very positive outcome. My website is better than it was before, and has features I could only dream of before. I have this news blog, a shop for my books, and (soon) a whole writing community platform!

Speaking of news blog, seeing as this is my first ever post, I have no idea how long these things usually should be. But I have said more than I wanted anyway, so I’ll stop for now and post an update about my stories in the next few days. Until then, stay tuned!