Stray Cat

Stray Cat Cover
Status: Print released
Release date: August 15th 2018
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Brea enjoys every day to the fullest, hanging out with friends and investing herself into cheerleading. What little time is left for her geeky side gets consumed by TV shows and video games. With her lack of interest in dating, she has more time for those interests and she doesn't seem to miss out on anything either.

That doesn’t stop Alma from - literally - stumbling into her life and pushing it off course. Soon after Brea offers shelter to the girl and her pet cat, she finds herself stuck with not one, but two felines. Alma has cat ears, sharp teeth and a tail. Nonetheless, it doesn’t take long for her to fall head over heels.

The girls couldn’t be more different. Tall and short, introverted and extroverted, popular and bullied. Not to mention, human and catgirl. Still, little by little, those walls start to crumble. Up until a truck tears them down completely - along with Brea.