Michael Chrápavý


I was born on 1st April 1999 near Vienna, Austria, and grew up in a small city in Eastern Austria. Most of my childhood was spent either by playing with Legos or sitting in front of a TV, playing computer games or watching YouTube videos; I never had any interest in reading books until the age of 18.

After entering high school, a friend introduced me to anime, which then led me to manga. Manga, on the other hand, made me discovered my interest in romance stories. One day in May 2017, on my search for new romance manga, I came across a story called 'White as Snow,' a lesbian romance book on the website 'Wattpad.' Reading that story, which still is one of my favorites as of now, made me realize that I enjoyed reading lesbian romance stories even more than regular ones.

After reading a story called 'I'll reach for you,' I wanted to find more stories like those two but was unable to find any. So at some point, I ended up planning (and eventually also writing) a story exactly how I wanted it. That story is my book 'Stray Cat.'