Stray Cat

This is a story about friendship, courage, and love, revolving around two very different girls that slowly get used to each other.

The popular Brea, who is a rather outgoing and friendly cheerleader that now finished her junior year in high school, and Alma, a very shy girl with cat-like ears and tail, who has a fear of people because of experiences with friends and family.

Their lives start to change a lot on their shared eighteenth birthday when they meet by what seems to be fate.

Loud at Heart

Xenja is suffering from selective mutism which keeps her from talking to people. This made finding friends almost impossible.

The spoiled eighteen-year-old Stevie had to move in with her grandparents and now has to adapt to a very poor and limited lifestyle. She had dreamt of taking piano lessons but doesn't have money to do so.

When both Xenja's mother and Stevie's grandparents ask the school for help, Xenja giving Stevie free piano lessons seems to kill two birds with one stone. But sometimes things aren't as easy as they might seem...

About me

My name is Michael Chrápavý, I'm 21 years old and live in Austria. I'm an aspiring author of fantasy and/or romance novels, mostly with an LGBT touch.

I'm a fan of anime, manga, gaming, and of course, books. I started writing my first book, 'Stray Cat,' in summer of 2017.

I publish my stories under the name 'Kuraion' on a website called Wattpad, where you can read them online for free. They are published chapter by chapter, so you can read the chapters as soon as I finish writing them. Once I finish a story, I will publish both as a print book on my shop, so people who prefer to read 'real' books also can read them. Links to the books on Wattpad will be on the 'Books' page.

I'm still going to university while also working at an advertising company in between, so sadly the time I can spend on writing is limited but I'm trying to update my books regularly.